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 RC3 von UT3-Mod "Angels Fall First - Planetstorm" freigegeben
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created: 26.5.2009 0:05


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RC3 hat im Gegensatz zu RC2 wohl eine riesen Menge Bugs und Fehler in den Maps behoben, deshalb muss auch der gesamte Mod nochmal runtergeladen werden anstatt nur ein Patch smile

Es gibt auf der Website auch eine sehr umfangreiche Screenshot-gallery welche man sich auf jeden Fall mal angucken sollte:
- SCREENSHOT GALLERY - AFF-Meudeverre , a Planetstorm Space Map
- SCREENSHOT GALLERY - AFF: PS weaponry gallery!

- Download (717 MB) @ fileplanet.com
- Website: Angels Fall First: Universe

In general -

  • Hugely improved UI
  • Hugely improved AI
  • Vastly more optimised content
  • Rebalanced and reworked weapons, ships and vehicles
  • Is actually a game now
  • Dedicated server will be running this build until august - COZWORLD.com AFF: Planetstorm (Or join by ip - port 7777)

In space -

  • Command and pilot Capital ships from the bridge
  • Operate ship weapon systems from the turret seats
  • All ships have new and complete interiors
  • Total immersion inside spacecraft - consoles short and spark, emergency lighting cuts in when the craft is damaged, sound of battle can be heard through the hull
  • Watch the battle from inside through the windows
  • Run down to the hangar and launch fighters , bombers or assault craft
  • Re-dock with your mothership to repair and re-arm
  • Use dropships to board enemy vessels and wreck their systems or kill their crew in unrestricted FPS stylee
  • Automatic fire control systems mean that you're never short of gunners
  • Repair ship systems on-the-fly with repair tools
  • Use Gravitic Induction technology to shift between newtonian and atmospheric-style flight

Planet side -

  • Take on the enemy with a large arsenal of beautifully re-modelled and re-textured infantry weapons
  • Revive fallen comrades (or leave them to bleed)
  • Ride into battle on a dropship
  • Set booby traps with explosives and autoturrets
  • Squad AI means you gots backup
  • Bots revive people, dispense medipacks and ammo, plant turrets, do most of the things you can do

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>> Forumindex >> News Forum >> RC3 von UT3-Mod "Angels Fall First - Planetstorm" freigegeben

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